The City

This past week I had an opportunity to go to the City.  Back East, that meant a trip to New York to play tourist, shop, check out a new art exhibit, or smile at the Rockefeller Christmas tree.  Here, we live in the North Bay; our city is San Francisco.

My reasons for the day trip were personal, but wine being our way of life, it and the weather (the ever relevant agricultural topic) came up in conversation.  As we walked along the streets and talked, I was reminded of some of the history of the City, specifically how recently it became significant and the effects of the Gold Rush.  Gold was discovered in California in early 1848, just before the US took over California from Mexico.  Needless to say, news of gold got out, making San Francisco an instant hub.  Many of the immigrants that came at that time headed north and without success at gold panning, planted grapes and started making wine.  Helping to create the wine regions we enjoy today.

If you make it to the city, there are definite wine benefits = selection (think wine shops and restaurant lists).  The city being the center of commerce, you can often find wines that just aren’t available up here in the country.  We live at the source, enjoy the life style and have an opportunity to “eat/drink local.”  But in the city you can travel the world at dinner.

Photos from San Francisco:

IMG_6792 IMG_6793 IMG_6799 IMG_6810 IMG_6812 IMG_6816 IMG_6817 IMG_6818 IMG_6819