Juice and Salad

Feb 5 2014

Well it’s not wine, but it’s made from local fruit and we could easily nerd-out and use some wine descriptors to share this nectar.  This week we picked oranges.  Great as a snack, but divine as juice.




In effort to keep healthy this winter, we’ve adopted the big salad on our house menu.  We start with romaine leaves washed and halved and then pile on what ever we have, trying to make an appealing color wheel.   Our latest toppings: carrots and lemon slices sautéed in olive oil with a little salt and pepper, canned corn, avocado, feta cheese, shrimp, garbanzo beans, radishes, and chopped fresh Roma tomatoes (thank you, Mexico).  Served with a light ranch and parmesan dressing.

Recommended wine pairing:  Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc.  If the dressing is a little richer, we could also see a semi-dry or dry Riesling.  Salut!