Another wet and gloomy day

There’s no thunder, but the sounds strike you with awe nonetheless.  Listening to the rain pound the earth in waves.  It’s beautiful.  Rain’s not just for the ducks and the vines.  It brings life and makes us happy too.  Another wet and gloomy day under the blanket of clouds…  Yippee!

Some day we’ll have our own little weather station, but for now the best data we could find online for this area was based out of Santa Rosa – Sonoma County (west over the Mayacama mountain range from Napa Valley).  It should give you an idea of the rain we’ve been getting:

We haven’t gone for a driving tour, but here’s betting there’s a good bit of flooding around the vines in the Russian River Valley.  We did run into a little flooding ourselves while out for a walk:

flood feb 14


Catching rain drops