Limoncello update

After waiting an extra two months, we moved on to phase two of our limoncello project. We were waiting for all the essence, color, and natural oils to infuse into the alcohol and out of the lemon peel.   This should have left the peels white and crisp.   With our last batch, this process took about two months. With this batch, we used more lemons and if it’s possible a more yellow type of lemon, and after four months the color and aroma were amazing, but the lemon peels still flexible.  We made the executive decision that it was time to continue.

Next, we made a simple syrup and allowed it to cool to room temperature. We then removed the peels from the limoncello with a large slotted spoon. Then filtered, and filtered, and filtered the limoncello. We returned our liquid gold to the sterile glass container we use for aging and slowly mixed in our simple syrup. Now we wait.

IMG_7481 IMG_7484