As you probably know two weeks ago we had and experienced a 6.0 earthquake in Napa Valley. The epicenter was in the town of American Canyon just south of the town of Napa at the southern end of the Valley. We’re up at the northern end of the Valley and luckily did not experience as much damage, but definitely felt the quake.

So, we weren’t hurt and our home is intact, just a bit shaken up (forgive the pun). In the southern end of the valley, especially near the old part of downtown Napa buildings of all kind were damaged. In a valley that now depends on tourism, especially this time of year, the worry now is that people are canceling their plans to visit.

We’re ok. Wineries are open for tasting and grapes are being picked daily now that harvest has started. It’s still an exciting time to be in the valley. Happy September!