Update from the Vineyard: Planting and Suckering

In with the new, and trimming the old.  The past couple weeks we’ve gotten to plant some new Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and Pinot Noir vines.  We’ve also been keeping up with existing vines in the vineyard – trimming or suckering them to help promote the growth where we want it – premium grapes – and tying new growth to their supportive stakes.

Spring = Weed Whacking

Spring has sprung, and after our late winter rains, the grass has grown.  Keep you vineyard clear and your property safe.  We offer weed whacking services and pay attention to detail.  Here a couple photos of weed whacking we did this past week:


In the vineyard this month, we had the opportunity to build steps in a steep vineyard to help navigate end rows and for better enjoyment of the vineyard.  The netting on either side is for erosion control.