Out with the Old


This week we removed old vines from a small vineyard block, clearing out the roots and making space for new plants in the spring. #makesitlookeasy

From the vineyard


It’s fairly quiet in the vineyard this time of year.  The leaves are turning colors and falling off the vines as winter sets in. We’ve been helping clean up properties after the fire, and are grateful for the views of healthy vines.

We’re back to work.

We are back and operating again after harvest and the fire evacuation.

Weed whacking services available.  We’re also spreading fertilizer and cover crop seeds in the vineyard to help replenish the soil.  We hope to hear from you soon.


With the rootstock settled into its new home on a mountain side, we grafted cabernet franc budwood last week, adding a new block to one of our favorite vineyard sites.  Here are some photos from grafting:

Harvest 2017

Harvest has begun. We picked our first grapes of the harvest, Sonoma County Pinot Noir this past week. We also helped process some fruit in the cellar.  Cheers to a good and safe harvest!