Back At It

Happy Autumn and harvest’s end from us to you. We survived and endured the fire storm a few weeks ago and are now back on our feet.  We hope you all are doing well and wish you the best.

If you need help cleaning up or getting your vineyard ready for winter, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

We’re back to work.

We are back and operating again after harvest and the fire evacuation.

Weed whacking services available.  We’re also spreading fertilizer and cover crop seeds in the vineyard to help replenish the soil.  We hope to hear from you soon.

Harvest is here!

Harvest has started in our neck of the woods, and not just for the sparkling wine houses.  We’ve started to help pick some of the  Pinot Noir vineyards we tend.  Here are a few photos from last week:






Preparing For Winter

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have had much to be grateful for this year and are excited to see what this next season brings.

In the vineyards, we’ve been preparing for winter, by working the land in the rows between the vines.  This includes, tractor work, laying down hay to deter erosion on hills when the rains and wind come, and spreading seed for cover crop.

Here’s a recent article with more information from the Napa Valley Grapegrowers Report:



September = California Wine Month

It’s official.  The governer decreed it: September 2014 is California Wine Month.  Not every September, just this one as an effort to boost morale and let tourists know that we’re still here and we still have lovely grapes to harvest and wines to pour and sell.

Governor Brown includes a history of the wine industry in this State (and we thought he’d talk about economic impact):

Below are a couple photos we took this week of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes ripening in the afternoon sun in St. Helena.  Cheers!

st helena cbs st helena cbs 2

Picking Pinot

leepin harvest2014

It’s a great feeling when you get to see a project through. That’s how we felt last week when we had the opportunity to pick a Pinot Noir vineyard in the Russian River Valley that we had started working in January of this year.

When you work with grapes, the job is to nurture each vine individually and manage the vineyard as a whole. When to pick the finished product – ripe grapes – is actually up to the winemaker. Whoever is purchasing the grapes is using them as the raw materials for a beautiful wine. The growing season, elements, geographical features of the vineyard, and vineyard management techniques will all have effects on flavor. But the style of wine (bursting fruit flavors, bigger wines with higher alcohol contents vs. more traditional lighter alcohol wines with more restrained characteristics that might develop more over time, etc) starts with when to pick – at what levels the acidity and sugar exist in the grape.

Pinot Noir is a thinner skinned grape that ripens before thicker skinned grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah.

Here’s to the 2014 vintage, cheers!