Back At It

Happy Autumn and harvest’s end from us to you. We survived and endured the fire storm a few weeks ago and are now back on our feet.  We hope you all are doing well and wish you the best.

If you need help cleaning up or getting your vineyard ready for winter, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

California Grape Report: Preliminary 2015

The California Department of Agriculture released its preliminary Grape Crush Report on the 2015 vintage, yesterday. As expected, and experienced, tonnage was down from the previous year.

leading varieties crushed 2015 CA

Million Dollar Question: When to Pick?

We’re in the thick of the harvest business and after months of preparing, tending to, and coaxing fruit from these vines we come to the annual moment of truth… when to pick?


Sonoma County Zinfandel. Photo taken last week.

Winemakers across these wine-growing regions have been taking random samples of the vineyard periodically, squishing the grapes and testing the juice for sugar content and acid levels.  Mostly, we talk about brix, or the sugar concentration.  Table grapes that we buy in the super market generally have brix of 17-19.  Wine grapes are picked any where from 22 – 29. The sugar, ripeness (taste and whether the seeds have turned from green to brown), as well as acidity, and uniformity of ripening across the cluster and vineyard block very much effect the final wine.  So, at what point to pick is vital.


2015 Harvest

We had the opportunity this past week to make Harvest more of a family affair.  The grapes went to a family member and so we all went out and helped pick and enjoy the beauty and bounty of the vineyard.  Salut!




20150823_100132 20150823_101814

Harvest 2015: Zinfandel

And so it begins.  We picked the first grapes of the year today – Zinfandel from Solano County. We started by removing the nets (which guard against interested and hungry birds) and then picked the ripe fruit.  Cheers to the 2015 Harvest.  Salut!