The Art of Wine

In any industry or field, there are the celebrities – the big names everyone knows, refers to, and often prefer.  With wine, sometimes the celebrities are the wines themselves, an amazing vintage from a stand up varietal grown in the perfect place, aged and fined by a master vintner.  More often, we’re learning, the brand/ the celebrities / the innovators / the artists to follow are the vineyard managers and winemakers.  Who through multiple projects express their style and sell their paintings as consumable, sometimes age-worthy, wines.  Wine as art.

And so we continue to build our dream, practicing and creating our art, applying this to defining our own style that will in time, hopefully, warrant its own following.



Limoncello update

After waiting an extra two months, we moved on to phase two of our limoncello project. We were waiting for all the essence, color, and natural oils to infuse into the alcohol and out of the lemon peel.   This should have left the peels white and crisp.   With our last batch, this process took about two months. With this batch, we used more lemons and if it’s possible a more yellow type of lemon, and after four months the color and aroma were amazing, but the lemon peels still flexible.  We made the executive decision that it was time to continue.

Next, we made a simple syrup and allowed it to cool to room temperature. We then removed the peels from the limoncello with a large slotted spoon. Then filtered, and filtered, and filtered the limoncello. We returned our liquid gold to the sterile glass container we use for aging and slowly mixed in our simple syrup. Now we wait.

IMG_7481 IMG_7484

California Sunshine

Everyone talks about it.  People fly thousands of miles for the guarantee of soaking up some of the rays.  What we find amazing is the growth it inspires.  It’s April and we’ve been eating pints of super lush, sweet, large strawberries by the pint this week.  And of course, the grapes.  The vines have sent out shoots and now we’re just trying to keep up:


babygrapes 04.21.14

vines 04.21.14

Update: White Wine

This week we racked our white wine.  After aging for 5 months in stainless steel, it’s really coming around.  We’re excited about the color, clarity, aroma, and flavors.  We’re shooting for another month of aging or so, and then hopefully we’ll be ready next month to rack the wine again and bottle our first vintage!

Which leads us to our favorite photo this week: racking our white wine:

white wine



lees: the sediment of a liquor (as wine) during fermentation and aging > Merriam-Webster

lees: Heavy sediment left in the barrel by fermenting wines; a combination of spent yeast cells and grape solids >

lees: sediment consisting of dead yeast cells, grape pulp, seed, and other grape matter that accumulates during fermentation > Wine School of Philadelphia

We took this photo when we racked some of our wine off the lees (just taking the clean wine, taking care).

Our Wine Project

We’re working on our dreams not only in the vineyard, but in the cellar too. 2013 is our first vintage as winemakers!  We’re still hard at work; the wines aren’t quite ready for release, but with a little patience the flavors are starting to shine and we’re getting excited.

We’ve got a red and a white going.  Recently sampled our wine and took it to a local wine laboratory.


When we received the results and a little insight into how the is wine aging, we racked the wine (moved the clean wine off any sediment that had settled at the bottom) and looking down at the bottom of the empty barrel was one of my favorite photos from this week:

into barrel

We Opened Our Online Shop

Cheers!  To our new online shop.  Check out the page on our website labeled “Shop.” We’ve listed Francisco’s barrel stave candle holders and some of Krista’s photo note cards.  The items listed on our site link directly to our shop on Etsy where the products can be purchased. We ship anywhere in the country.

These items make great gifts for yourself or for your favorite people.  We’re excited to share some of our creativity with you through these products of our wine country life.