Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley


“Solorio Vineyards, Francisco and his team, have been superb in helping us in ripping our old (small) vineyard and guiding us in the soil preparation and replant. They have been a true pleasure to work with, and their work is impeccable. Even more important, they are easy to communicate with, punctual, on time and on budget. It was such a pleasure to see the whole extended family (over for a holiday break) working together to plan out the planting floorpan. We would recommend them very strongly to anyone. Even more, we are looking forward to working with them over coming years to produce the best fruit in the Napa Valley. ”

Jan & Kathelijn Rabaey, Vineyard Owners
Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese

“Solorio Vineyard Management has noticeably improved our vineyard. Both the quality and quantity of fruit have increased since they began working here. Francisco and his team care for the vines as if they were their own.  We hope to keep working with them for a very long time. ”

George Biancardi, Vineyard Owner
Contra Costa County
Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

“Solorio Vineyard Management is simply amazing : their thoughtful, courteous and kind demeanor as a business entity is a breath of fresh air.  At Casa Grande High School, they ably advised and helped us transition a portion of our inner quad(rangle) to an olive tree grove for our culinary arts program to use for many years to come.  Highest commendations !”


Paul Young, Vineyard Coordinator
Casa Grande High School

“We feel fortunate to have found Francisco Solorio and Solorio Vineyard Management. Francisco’s work in our vineyard and olive orchard has been outstanding in every way. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of viticulture and vineyard management and has provided excellent advice. I am most impressed by the responsibility with which he takes on all tasks and the way he keeps me informed in a timely manner about everything he is doing. Additionally, there are no areas of vineyard management with which he cannot cope: brush control, tree trimming, drainage, and construction.”


Sheila and Michael Lagios, Vineyard Owners
Thalia Vineyard
Calistoga Cabernet Franc

“Solorio Vineyard Management has provided oversight for my Sebastopol vineyard for over two years, and I am exceedingly pleased with Francisco’s efforts. Francisco and his team represent the best in Sonoma County vineyard management: personal and efficient service, an intelligent approach to farming vineyards, including pruning techniques to maximize both quality and quantity of fruit and excellent communication skills. Francisco is responsive to the need to move quickly to harvest once the winemaker believes the grapes are at their peak, even at times of labor shortages. I highly recommend Solorio Vineyard Management to any vineyard in Sonoma County.”

Alison L. Hannah, Vineyard Owner
Lennox Vineyards
Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

“What a gratifying experience I had this year when I saw Francisco personally and meticulously pruning, spraying and suckering my vines. In all the years I’ve dealt with vineyard managers, I have never had one who didn’t just send in a crew unsupervised and let them loose for days at a time. Francisco speaks excellent English, takes direction well, and exhibits the initiative to repair or resolve problems he sees without being asked. I wish I had found him years ago.”

Jim Van Noy, Vineyard Owner
Vin Noy Vineyards
Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

“We are so happy that we found Solorio Vineyard Management.  Francisco has provided us with quality services including pest and canopy management.  2014 was our first year as their client and my Zinfandel crop was high quality and pest free.  He also did an expert job pruning our olive trees.  We have asked him to continue working with us in 2015.”

Julie and Ricardo DeNapoli, Vineyard Owners
Red Bud Ranch
Solano County Zinfandel

“Francisco has been working on our vineyard for two years to bring the vines back to a prosperous vineyard. Francisco is a hard working, persistent, trusting, efficient, kind person and vineyard manager. We are grateful to have him to take care of our  vines. We highly recommend Solorio Vineyard Management. Please feel free to contact us for recommendation.”

Russ and Julia Leepin, Vineyard Owners
Leepin Vineyard
Russian River Valley Pinot Noir



R2 Wine Company

Papapietro Perry Winery

Julie LePla Winery


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