New Wire

This vineyard is due for new trellis wire.  So we’re removing the old


And then we’re installing the new wires while the plants are dormant and pruned.

Here’s what the vineyard looks like without its trellis wires.  Naked vineyard?


Harvest on the Horizon

The grapes are turning color! Which means that harvest is in sight.  And we’re rounding the home stretch of another vintage.  These are Pinot Noir grapes.  Once the grapes have gone through veraison (changing color) they’ll start to develop sugars.  It’s these sugars that will later be turned into alcohol/wine.  Salut!





Spring is here and has brought with it summer weather.  Now when we look out our windows, we are greeted by a sea of green! We’ve got good growth on the vines and this week we’ve started suckering in the vineyards.  We sucker the vines to thin the growth and concentrate nutrients to achieve better quality fruit.


Beat the weather

Unlike the East Coast, here in Northern California Spring is coming early.  We’re finishing up pruning vineyards and tying them to their trellises before the vines start showing their new growth.

This picture is of Pinot Noir grapes in the Russian River Valley:


Taping & Tying

After pruning the vines, when the weather starts to warm and the new growth is flexible, we tie the vines to the trellis system to train them and lend structural support.  After the rains this past weekend, we’re back in the vineyards taking care of the vines.