Update from the Vineyard: Planting and Suckering

In with the new, and trimming the old.  The past couple weeks we’ve gotten to plant some new Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and Pinot Noir vines.  We’ve also been keeping up with existing vines in the vineyard – trimming or suckering them to help promote the growth where we want it – premium grapes – and tying new growth to their supportive stakes.


Spring is here and has brought with it summer weather.  Now when we look out our windows, we are greeted by a sea of green! We’ve got good growth on the vines and this week we’ve started suckering in the vineyards.  We sucker the vines to thin the growth and concentrate nutrients to achieve better quality fruit.


California Sunshine

Everyone talks about it.  People fly thousands of miles for the guarantee of soaking up some of the rays.  What we find amazing is the growth it inspires.  It’s April and we’ve been eating pints of super lush, sweet, large strawberries by the pint this week.  And of course, the grapes.  The vines have sent out shoots and now we’re just trying to keep up:


babygrapes 04.21.14

vines 04.21.14