We’ve finished pruning in the vineyards. After a couple weeks of warm sunshine and then rains, we have bud break.  The first signs of the 2016 vintage.  Spring is here. It’s a beautiful and green time to be in wine country.  Cheers!

Here are a few photos, taken this week, from a vineyard in Sonoma County:

Hannah budbreak 2016_01

budbreak 2016_04

For more about bud break in the region, check out the article from The North Bay Business Journal: Winegrape vines sprout in Sonoma, Napa, Lake counties.

Harvest 2015: Zinfandel

And so it begins.  We picked the first grapes of the year today – Zinfandel from Solano County. We started by removing the nets (which guard against interested and hungry birds) and then picked the ripe fruit.  Cheers to the 2015 Harvest.  Salut!




Harvest on the Horizon

The grapes are turning color! Which means that harvest is in sight.  And we’re rounding the home stretch of another vintage.  These are Pinot Noir grapes.  Once the grapes have gone through veraison (changing color) they’ll start to develop sugars.  It’s these sugars that will later be turned into alcohol/wine.  Salut!





The grapes have set and in the warmer regions we farm are growing fast!  All the grapes are green at this point.  In another month or so they’ll start to go through verasion – the process when the red grapes turn color and start developing their sugars.  Looking good!